A Cottage in the Woods

New Custom Home - Powell, Ohio

This home was designed to look like a warm and welcoming, modern cottage.  It's bigger than what we might think of a "cottage", but that's why I call it a "modern cottage".  It was designed for a family of five to live comfortably, but open enough to entertain - every square foot in this house was maximized to its fullest potential.

Click HERE to see some of the original design sketches!

The property is in a neighborhood, but you'd never know it!  It's tucked back into the woods and you gradually receive a glimpse of the house upon your approach.  The circular drive pulls you in along the side, so that you see the iron gateway to the backyard pool - an extension of the house itself.

The fireplace was a main design feature from the beginning and it remains the strongest focal point; inside and out.  When you walk into the house, you walk right up against this massive stone fireplace and past a beautiful little built-in seat; also arched to mimic the arch you just walked through.

[Project Designed while employed at RTA Studio –Photography by Jamee Parish Architects]

As soon as you walk into the house through this cozy little porch and entry, your space and views expand drastically into the living spaces and the pool beyond.  There is nothing formal here - it's warm and welcoming - feels like home.

Click HERE to see one of the original design sketches!

As you turn around to glance back at where you just entered, you see that giant stone fireplace again - a focal point of the interior now.  The entryway is nothing formal, large, or wasted space - it's the perfect amount of space to greet people as they enter and move on into the main spaces of the home.

Click HERE to see one of the original design sketches!

This kitchen is for the family, of course, but also for entertaining.  Two sinks were well-planned for exactly the way these homeowners cook.  They loved the idea of two islands.


The homeowners wanted their home to have characteristics that older homes often have - in the finishes, scale of the spaces, and types of spaces.  A true "New Old House".  This breakfast room is just that.  The corner windows were placed "just so" to capture the morning light. 

All of the spaces are open to each other, but still well-defined.

Sliding doors privatize the mudroom, bedrooms, and sitting room.