Country Home Remodel

Interior Remodel and Addition - Granville, Ohio

This beautiful home is located in Granville, Ohio on a gorgeous, wooded property.  These clients loved their home, but felt like they weren't taking full advantage of the spaces that they had.

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In this particular case, it made the most sense to flip the kitchen and the family room.  They already had a large living room and really wanted the kitchen to be a focal point in the house.  So, it worked perfectly in the old family room, taking in all of the wonderful scenery.

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We added the decorative ceiling beams and rafters to add some character and detail to room.  Actually, you'd never know it, but most of these cabinets are simply relocated from the old kitchen!  We numbered them all and fit them back together in a better arrangement for the new kitchen; adding in new pieces where we needed to.

The existing spaces didn't provide a decent eating space; in either the formal or casual dining areas.  So, we enclosed the screen porch to create a nice, large dining area with great views; open and connected to the living spaces.


The new family room is now a very cozy, comfortable sitting room; still open to the kitchen.


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