Fresh + Bright Living Spaces

Interior Remodel - Private Residence, Ohio

This is a home that started out with plenty of space for the owners, it was just not allocated very well and was relatively closed-off.  Not to mention, way too dark and not my clients' style!  No exterior openings changed in this project, but the material choices and altering of interior walls make the spaces so much brighter.

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By removing the kitchen wall and adding some reclaimed barn wood as accent pieces, we were able to create a much more open, modern, bright, and fresh space.  We also removed the visually heavy fireplace that didn't fit the modern style of the house.

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What used to be a garage is now a media room and extra living space.  We relocated the opening to this room so that it would be more connected to the kitchen and dining spaces (view right below the barn wood).

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This is one of the sketches we did during the design phase.  This helped us to determine the best locations for the wood, concrete, tile, and white cabinets.

This is the room that used to be a garage, but it certainly doesn't feel like it!  Bright "pops" of color appear frequently in this house to add a bit of fun and style.

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We repeated the barn wood in this room to add a bit of warmth; it also conceals some much-needed storage space.  The sliding barn door is the new access into the kitchen and dining room.

The first bedroom has never been in a very private area of this home.  These clients use it as an office and guest room with a Murphy bed - a room that can be flexible.  They like having the ability to open or close-off this room to the main living spaces, so another barn door was added here as well.