Gothic/Tudor Revival Remodel

Interior Remodel - Bexley, Ohio

This is an old early 20th century Period home, with a combination of Gothic and Tudor Revival details. These homes have so much character already that they are a lot of fun to work with!  

The kitchen was originally very closed-off from the rest of the living spaces, as is typical with homes of this era.  While it was important to us to maintain the original style and character, we also wanted to make a more functional, modern home, too.

So, what did we do?  We moved the kitchen into the dining room, the dining room into the office, and the office into the kitchen!

Click HERE to see a "Before" Shot!

Click HERE to see a "Before" Shot!

Interior View.jpg

The mudroom is now accessed off to the left, as you can see in one of my earlier sketches.  This is the same mudroom, but we relocated the pathway into the house.

These beautiful lancet arches are one of the existing Gothic revival details on the interior of the house. They provide a unique detail to each room and enough of an opening to connect the rooms; without being too open.

Towards the left is the entrance to the new office space as well as the remodeled mudroom.

This room is within the old kitchen space; located at the rear of the home with little light and no connection to the other living spaces.  Now it serves as an office space that can easily be closed off when this family has guests.

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This bathroom was quite a mess when this family bought the house!  ...sunken bathtub, dark floral wallpaper, dated cabinets...the works.  It was initially a large, open room, but that made it feel very informal for a guest bathroom.  We decided to divide this larger space into two smaller rooms; one for the toilet and vanity and the other for a shower.  There is also a private entryway for a first floor bedroom as well.

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Two bathrooms still remain on the second floor, directly next to one another.  We tweaked both of them a bit in terms of layout in order to provide a small walk-in closet and window in the master bath (left).  

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