New Bungalow at the Lake

Custom Home - Huntsville, Ohio (Indian Lake)

Main Space15.jpg

This casual lake house was designed to really LIVE in.  Every square foot was carefully thought through and designed for very specific purposes, maximizing the views towards the lake, and creating unique moments throughout.   

[Project Designed while employed at RTA Studio –Photography by Jamee Parish Architects]

It was intended to be an open, family house with large gathering areas that still feel comfortable and cozy.

Main Space02.jpg

Right when you walk into the home, your views are drawn out towards the lake through the dining room. 

This built-in buffet is something we added to bring the older home "look" and style into the room, while also allowing it to provide functional and accessible space for the nearby outdoor spaces.

One of the most special "moments" of this house is the lantern above the loft.  It brings in even more light and adds something fun to the ceiling.

The reading nook is tucked behind the massive stone fireplace.  I love this little space, because it makes a room out of what would have just been a stair.  From the bench seat, you have some of the best views of the lake.

The outdoor spaces were considered as much as the indoor spaces; in terms of connectivity and function.  It was also important that the outdoor spaces and furniture not block the views to the lake from the inside of the house.

Craftsman brackets, tongue and grove soffits, and exposed rafter tails are all important details for this exterior.

The exterior of this home is a modern craftsman bungalow.  It was designed to look welcoming and warm from the outside, with the quality and characteristics of an older home on the inside.  A true modern home with timeless details.

Screen Porch02.jpg

This family wanted to maximize even the bedroom spaces so that they can share their house with as many family members and friends as they choose.  Built-in beds were designed to accommodate their family and guests.

The second floor is mostly "tucked" underneath the sloped roof, so we maximized the shorter spaces as much as possible.


This house is a true example of a great collaboration between client and architect!  All of the cabinetry, carpentry, and details were worked out prior to construction, directly with the client.  This particular client was very involved from the beginning – they had a very strong vision from start to finish ...from the architecture to the interior design.