Seamless Additions

Remodeling + Addition Project - Bexley, Ohio


This beautiful, old home is a great example of adding new space, while making it feel seamless with the original.  The Living Room extension is to the left and the Master Suite is to the right.  All of the materials either match or compliment the existing.

Click HERE to see a "Before" Shot!


The original garage needed to be completely removed, so we designed one that would still fit perfectly with the home.


The Living Room at the back is designed to be a flexible space; it can also be used as a Dining Room.

Click HERE to see a "Before" Shot!


The space above was originally two small rooms; a kitchen and a dining room. 


An extension off of the Master Suite, this sitting room definitely looks cozy!


It was important to modernize the home, but also to maintain the original, timeless character.

[Project Designed while employed at RTA Studio – Photography by Jamee Parish Architects]