Small Bedrooms Living Large

Interior Remodel - Columbus, Ohio (Clintonville)

Combined 01.jpg

The Master Suite

This space was originally one large (but narrow) room with two tiny closets.  Once we determined the best location for the bed, the rest just fell into place… even providing a larger walk-in closet!


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The main goal was to design a master bath in this room.  This space ended up only being about 3’8” wide by 10’, but it functions just perfectly for a small space.  A pedestal sink was selected to make the space feel more visually open and a custom-made built-in was designed behind the toilet.  Guess what else?!  This built-in is built over a raised ceiling above the stairwell, but you’d never know it!  …maximizing every inch of useable space.

The finishes are simple, but clean and classy.  We selected grey grout (for easier maintenance in the shower!), which blends seamlessly into the grey cabinetry.  We chose to do white subway tile from floor to ceiling to simplify the overall “look” and make the space feel bigger.  Larger, hexagonal marble tile was selected to maintain a more vintage style, but also to increase the scale a bit for the size of the room.

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The Hall Bathroom

This is the perfect example of taking an existing space and maximizing the efficiency and function.  Each fixture was relocated to provide more vanity space and better tub access for a growing family.  This was accomplished by moving the door more towards the middle of the wall; freeing up the shorter sides of the room.  The door aligns with the window, bringing in valuable sunlight to the hallway.

The wall behind the vanity was thickened to provide a built-in medicine cabinet and unique lighting niches.  Since this is an older home, every detail is modernized, but continues to be consistent with the character, quality, and style of the existing home.

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