My Story...

Who ever thought that I would grow up and have a job where I get paid to draw and color?  Well, that’s not all I do, but it certainly is a part of it!

It seems as though I have always known that I wanted to be an Architect (residential in particular!).  My Dad and I used to take bike rides to a nearby neighborhood which was under construction.  I loved seeing the homes going up and walking through them; I knew then that I wanted to be the one designing them.

Here's an age 4 flashback for you to prove it...

So, I started working with Richard Taylor Architects (RTA Studio) in 1999 while working on my undergraduate degree in Architecture.  Afterwards, I continued on in my education and received a Master of Architecture and taught at The Ohio State University during that time as well.  Immediately after graduation, I continued to work with Rich Taylor for many years and decided to start my own firm in 2014.

I now live in Clintonville with my husband and two children.  Our house has been (and continues to be) a real “fixer-upper”, but we have had a lot of fun working on it.  

My husband is also an Architect (mainly commercial work), so you can probably imagine all of the design opinions floating around our house!  People always ask us, “how is it to be married to another Architect?”  We always answer that when we’re making decisions about anything in our house (and I mean anything), we always have a big “discussion” about what we’re going to do, how many different ways there are to do it, and then later we argue about who’s idea it was in the first place!  It’s interesting, for sure.

We chose to live in an old home because of the character that old homes often provide – they are a huge passion of mine.  We also love having the opportunity to have somewhat of a blank slate when it comes to finishing the house; everything in it needs fixed, so we get to make all of those choices!  Someday, we hope to design and build a new custom home.

I love going to historic sites, learning about their history, and photographing the architecture.  Constantly learning more about well-designed, older homes makes me passionate in applying the same level of detail and care into the homes that I design, whether it is an older home or a new one from scratch. 

I love trying to figure out the genesis and history belonging to existing homes.  Clients often tell us that their older home doesn’t fit their more modern needs.  I love finding ways to make a house “work” by today’s standards, while still maintaining the existing character.  I want the work done to be seamless; as if the house has always been that way.

The custom homes I work on are often times looked at in a similar way.  I want custom homes to fit your lifestyle “like a glove”.  Custom homes allow us the largest amount of freedom and flexibility since we’re starting from a blank page.  I want each and every home I design to be unique; not in a “wow, what a crazy looking house” kind of way, but a “wow, everything about that house is just….well, unexpected and full of fun surprises.”

--Jamee Parish, AIA, NCARB