The Process

First and foremost, every project is different - so should be The Process.

The Design Phase

This first phase starts by really talking through your requirements for the project, your design style, and evaluating your site conditions.  


Our next step is to sketch some different conceptual ideas for your project  - all of which will relate to your property, views, and sunlight. 

Your involvement is really important during this stage!  I typically offer a range of options for you to think about, so that you can decide what works best for you.  We will work together to combine ideas that we have into one design direction. 


This is the point when you will see the design come to life; interior and exterior perspective drawings are really helpful in translating the two-dimensional drawings into three-dimensional space. 

All of the drawings we do during this phase will be hand-sketched; it is so important that we keep the design very malleable in these early stages!  ...and FUN.

The Design Development Phase

Once you feel comfortable with the design direction, we enter into the next phase of the Design.  This phase is when we really start to look at all of the details that will make your house special. 

We will be evaluating the important aspects of the interior architecture, exterior details and colors, and will dig in even further into the three-dimensional drawings.

The Bidding Phase


I often recommend that we go through a bidding process, regardless of the project.  This way, we are attaining competitive bids, are able to interview different contractors, and we are able to analyze these bids to determine the best value.

The Construction Documents Phase

These are the detailed drawings that describe the project in length to you and your contractor. 

While some designing still occurs during this phase, most of that has already been determined.  It is highly important that the construction drawings be thorough and organized from a design standpoint - as well as structurally.  After all, we want to make sure that the images we've designed earlier on are executed properly!

The Construction Observation Phase

This phase occurs after all of the drawings are complete and the house is under construction.  I offer varying ranges of involvement during this phase.  At a minimum, I want to make sure that what we've designed is clearly understood, so I am always available to assist as much as a client would like.