Custom Home Philosophy

Regardless of a home’s size or budget, every part of it should be designed to mean something…Designed for the quality of space and details; not necessarily quantity. 

A home should relate more to the proportion of the human body; the scale of spaces, details, and the overall composition of the exterior.  This is something that has been lost in most homes in recent years, unfortunately.  Houses have gotten bigger and bigger; the detail has been stripped in order to put more money in the size of the home, rather than the quality. 

This has happened, in part, to homes losing the quality of design – if a home is designed well, it doesn’t necessarily need to be large.  If traffic patterns are thoughtful, furniture is planned for, and your overall lifestyle is examined, a house can be designed specifically for the way that you live, with minimal unused space.  

It’s important to look back at history and older homes to reclaim this concept, in some ways.  I say that because the proportion and scale of exterior and interior spaces were designed more to fit the human scale back then.  It’s why you may feel comfortable in some spaces and insignificant in others.  Some homes just look *right*.  You may not understand why; they just DO.  That’s when you’ve found a well-designed home.