Remodeling + Addition Philosophy

Remodeling and Addition projects are always fun and challenging.  In either case, it is highly important that the new space blends seamlessly with the old.  This may be in the form of matching exactly to what is there, or designing something that simply compliments it. 

When altering or adding onto a home, it should be designed in such a way to appear as though it has always been there.

Sometimes the solution is to add onto a house to get more space; other times, it’s simply about re-examining the spaces you have and utilizing them more efficiently. 

Some homes inherently have beautiful carpentry and details already built into them.  It is so important that these things be celebrated, maintained, and built upon.  Anything new that is done shouldn’t take away from those beautiful things that are already there.  Since details are prevalent in these sorts of homes, the new work should be of the same quality.

Some homes don’t have a whole lot of special details or interesting things about them.  That’s okay, though!  These things can be incorporated or interesting moments can be created in other ways.