A Home with Soul

Quality over Quantity is the key.

The answer is not always MORE space; it’s often BETTER space.

I think that “the soul” is the unchanging part of who we are.  That it is what remains consistent after change and time. 

Like everything, I compare this to our homes.  We can redecorate them and fill them with “stuff”, but the architecture of the home remains mostly consistent through time.  The architecture informs us of what the house should contain, how it should be decorated, and “who” the house is.

A home should be designed to create a series of moments –

Visually leading you through your home from

Space to space; moment to moment.

Framing views of larger gestures and small details –

Every moment - big and small - is important.

Every house should have at least something special in it; a moment that is unique and personal.  Something worth remembering that draws you from one space to the next.


[Project Designed while employed at RTA Studio –Photography by Jamee Parish Architects]


A home without soul is just a house.